May 3rd, 2022

The Village of New Berlin Offices is located at 13 South Main Street, New Berlin – (607) 847-6389

Village representatives always prefer the personal touch. It’s what drives community. So even though you can use any of the email addresses listed, please don’t hesitate to call if you need assistance.

Board of Trustees Phone E-Mail Address
Peter Lennon, Mayor, EMS Commissioner 1-757-218-8166
Dave Smith, Deputy Mayor, Trustee, Fire Department Commissioner 315-269-4863    








Michelle Priola, Youth Commissioner  337-8546
 Maryellen Canuel, Buildings/Grounds Commissioner 847-8890

Jim Crawford, DPW Commissioner 316-2882
Kelly Anderson, Clerk Treasurer  




Office Hours:    M-F    8am – 3pm

After Hours 


Jared Kline, DPW Working Supervisor, Head Water Operator 847-8811
, After hours 371-0442  
Don Anderson, Fire Chief 244-5456  
Chenango County Building Codes 337-1796  

Guidance for Senior Citizen’s in NYS, please visit-

Assistance with Senior Living and Care facilities, please visit –

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